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Tom Brady may finally have retired from the NFL


Tom Brady, the legendary NFL quarterback, might have hung up his boots, but his journey in the league is far from over. In a stunning development, Brady has recently struck a deal with Las Vegas Raiders’ team owner, Mark Davis, that will see him become a minority owner of the franchise. However, this significant move is still awaiting approval from the National Football League.

Just a couple of weeks ago, ESPN broke the news that Brady was engaged in ‘deep discussions’ with the Las Vegas Raiders to secure a limited partnership. Those discussions have now borne fruit, and the iconic quarterback will soon hold a stake in the team that has its sights set on greatness.

This isn’t Brady’s first foray into sports team ownership. Back in March, the former NFL star made headlines when he acquired an ownership stake in the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces. Clearly, Brady is keen on extending his involvement in the sports world beyond just his playing days.

It’s worth noting that this is not the first time Tom Brady has attempted to become an owner of an NFL team. Following his retirement from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the 2021 season, reports emerged that Brady had expressed interest in becoming a minority owner of the Miami Dolphins. The irony of the situation was that he had once considered playing for the Dolphins, making it a rather intriguing proposition. However, the NFL wasn’t too pleased with Miami’s actions, as they were found to have engaged in improper communications with Brady while he was still under contract with Tampa Bay, resulting in penalties for the Dolphins.

Now, Brady’s destiny seems to be firmly aligned with the Las Vegas Raiders, and interestingly, there are several connections between the team and his former franchise, the New England Patriots. The Raiders’ head coach, Josh McDaniels, was Brady’s offensive coordinator during his tenure in New England, which adds another layer of familiarity to the equation. Additionally, Dave Ziegler, a member of the Raiders’ front office, also came from the Patriots organization. Even the team’s new quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, began his NFL career as Tom Brady’s backup in New England back in 2014. The ties that bind the Raiders and the Patriots are undeniably strong.

Rumors about a potential connection between Brady and the Raiders had been swirling since his retirement announcement earlier this offseason. At that time, the Raiders had just moved on from Derek Carr and were keen on exploring their options. With the allure of the Las Vegas market and the intriguing New England connections, the Raiders saw Brady as an appealing target to elevate their franchise to new heights.

Now, as the deal inches closer to finalization pending the NFL’s approval, fans and experts alike are eager to witness how Tom Brady’s influence will shape the future of the Las Vegas Raiders. As a beloved figure in the NFL and a man with an extraordinary football IQ, there’s no doubt that his involvement in the team’s ownership will be closely watched and could lead to exciting developments for the Raiders organization.


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