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Ex-NFL Defensive End Greg Hardy Got Knocked Out Multiple Times


Greg Hardy’s transition from the NFL to combat sports has been far from triumphant, as he suffered yet another devastating loss in his latest boxing match. Once hailed as a formidable force on the football field, it’s becoming increasingly evident that his future in combat sports is bleak.

After an unsuccessful stint in the UFC, Hardy decided to test his mettle in the realm of boxing. Unfortunately, the outcome has been less than desirable for the former NFL defensive end.

On a fateful Friday night, Hardy stepped into the ring to face off against Alexander Flores, promoted by Team Combat League. The fight began with an air of anticipation, but it quickly turned sour for Hardy. As the bell rang, the video footage captured Hardy stumbling back, knocked down by a fierce punch from his opponent. However, displaying resilience and determination, he managed to gather himself and continue the grueling battle.

The roller-coaster of emotions was far from over for Hardy, as less than a minute later, fate dealt him another crushing blow. A powerful hit sent him tumbling to the canvas, and the referee swiftly intervened to halt the bout. In the aftermath, Hardy was visibly disoriented, stumbling around the ring like a defeated warrior.

This was not the first time Hardy found himself on the receiving end of a harsh defeat in his newfound boxing career. Back in February, he faced Josh Watson at BKFC: Knucklemania 3, held at the Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque. The outcome was eerily similar, with Watson’s devastating punch sending Hardy crashing into the ropes, prompting referee Dan Miragliotta to initiate a standing eight count. Round two brought no reprieve for Hardy, as another powerful right hook from Watson sent him down for good.

Many onlookers are finding solace in Hardy’s struggles in the sporting world, particularly due to his checkered past. In 2014, the athlete faced a guilty verdict for assaulting a former girlfriend, though the case was later dismissed following an appeal. His actions led to a ten-game suspension from the NFL for violating their personal conduct policy.

While some hoped that combat sports could provide a path to redemption for Hardy, it appears that his journey has been marred by repeated setbacks. Despite his athletic prowess in football, the transition to boxing has not brought him the success he might have hoped for.

As the dust settles on another disappointing bout, questions loom about Hardy’s future in the fighting world. Will he persist and seek improvement, or is it time for him to hang up his gloves and explore other avenues? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the road ahead will be anything but easy for the former NFL star.

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