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Josh Allen Takes ‘Some Responsibility’ For Stefon Diggs Absence From Minicamp


Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen addressed the media on Tuesday, shedding light on the absence of star wide receiver Stefon Diggs from the team’s mandatory minicamp practice. The situation has drawn attention as rumors of discord between the two players surface.

The absence of Stefon Diggs during the Bills’ first mandatory minicamp practice raised eyebrows among fans and media alike. As questions swirled around the reasons behind Diggs’ no-show, Josh Allen stepped up to address the situation, revealing that the team is handling the matter internally.

Amid speculations of a personality clash between Allen and Diggs, the Bills’ QB dispelled such notions, stating, “I don’t believe there’s a personality conflict between us.” However, Allen did concede that there were areas where they could have collaborated more effectively last season. He emphasized the need to better support the Pro Bowl wide receiver and integrate him more seamlessly into the team’s game plan.

“It’s about teamwork, and it goes beyond just what happens on the football field,” Allen expressed, accepting some responsibility himself. “There are things I could have done better to help with this process and ensure that he remains an integral part of the Buffalo Bills.”

The quarterback acknowledged that there might have been communication gaps within the organization, and he stressed the importance of open dialogue. Allen expressed his commitment to listening to Diggs’ concerns and working towards a swift resolution, one that respects both parties’ perspectives.

The unusual turn of events commenced earlier in the day when coach Sean McDermott disclosed Diggs’ absence, expressing concern over the situation. Allen noted that McDermott’s reaction was understandable given the significance of Diggs’ role in the team.

Following McDermott’s press conference, Stefon Diggs’ agent, Adisa Bakari, provided some clarification to the media. According to Bakari, Diggs was indeed present at the team’s facility on Monday and Tuesday morning, where he completed his physical and held meetings with McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane. Bakari assured everyone that Diggs would be participating in the entirety of the minicamp.

However, despite Bakari’s statements, Diggs was absent from Tuesday’s practice and had not taken part in any of the voluntary OTAs. This raised further questions about the underlying issues causing the disconnect between the star receiver and the team.

The wide receiver signed a lucrative four-year, $96 million contract extension last offseason, signifying the Bills’ commitment to keeping him in Buffalo. Trading Diggs would incur substantial dead cap charges, including a significant $13.2 million hit this year. With $70 million guaranteed in his contract, Diggs seemed destined to retire as a Buffalo Bill when he inked the deal in April 2022.

As the situation unfolds, the Bills organization and fans will be anxiously awaiting a resolution. The team’s success in the upcoming season may hinge, in part, on how they navigate and reconcile the reported differences between their star quarterback and wide receiver. The Buffalo Bills faithful can only hope that Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs can mend their relationship and find common ground to lead the team to greater heights.


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