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Troubles Erupt After Bosnian Game: Police and Fans Injured

Fans of Bosnian teams clashing after a match
Supporters of rival Bosnian clubs engaging in post-game confrontation

In a turbulent aftermath of a thrilling Bosnian first division match in Sarajevo, chaos ensued, leading to injuries for nineteen valiant police officers and two passionate supporters. The city’s streets became a battleground as fervent fans clashed in a display of football passion gone awry. This intense spectacle unfolded after Zeljeznicar Sarajevo secured a convincing 2-0 victory over visiting Travnik.

As emotions reached a boiling point, the night sky illuminated with tension as Zeljeznicar supporters turned against each other before targeting the police. Irfan Nefic, the Sarajevo police spokesman, reported, “Zeljeznicar supporters first fought amongst themselves and then attacked the police.” Three individuals were subsequently detained, and police authorities are set to pursue criminal charges against them. Convictions for assaulting officers on duty carry potential prison terms ranging from six months to five years, sending a clear message about the gravity of such actions.

Meanwhile, a second match taking place in the northern town of Gradacac also suffered from disruptions. The clash between visiting Borac Banjaluka fans from the Bosnian Serb Republic and home supporters escalated when nationalist slogans were chanted, triggering clashes between the two factions. The game was temporarily halted for 40 minutes to restore order.

In the face of mounting tensions, the game ultimately concluded in a 1-1 draw. To prevent further escalation, police escorted the Borac fans, who were singing Serb nationalist songs, out of the stadium. These songs had provoked the home supporters from the city in Bosnia’s Muslim-Croat Federation, adding fuel to the fire.

The Bosnian Football Federation is now deliberating on potential sanctions against Borac’s supporters. The disciplinary committee’s president, Meho Alibasic, expressed, “We may introduce a stadium ban just for Borac fans, who often cause incidents.” This measure aims to curb future disruptions and maintain the integrity and safety of football matches in the region.

Unfortunately, this is not the first instance of clashes between rival supporters during Bosnian football matches. In a previous cup tie between Borac and Zeljeznicar, chaos erupted when Borac fans struck a linesman with a missile, leading to the match’s abandonment. Additionally, in September 2011, another league match between the same clubs was marred by Borac fans invading the pitch and launching rocks and flares at visiting Zeljeznicar supporters.

The incidents raise concerns about the need for enhanced security measures and preventive actions to ensure the safety of players, officials, and spectators during football events. The Bosnian Football Federation, together with law enforcement agencies, must take proactive steps to maintain the joy and camaraderie associated with the beautiful game while curbing the darker side of fanaticism.

Football’s passion and fervour can occasionally spill over into chaotic confrontations, as witnessed in the aftermath of the Bosnian first division match in Sarajevo. The clashes between fans and police are a stark reminder of the responsibility that comes with being a passionate supporter. The authorities must work together with fans and clubs to create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere at football matches, leaving no room for violence and hooliganism.

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