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Cowboys Set to Part Ways with Ezekiel Elliott, Ending an Era in Dallas

Ezekiel Elliott playing for Dallas Cowboys
The Dallas Cowboys are parting ways with star running back Ezekiel Elliott.

It’s a bittersweet moment for fans in Dallas as the news breaks that the Dallas Cowboys are parting ways with Ezekiel Elliott, their star running back. As the team prepares to make the official announcement before the start of the new league year, a chapter of Cowboys history comes to a close.

Reports from Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reveal that the decision to let go of Elliott is final. This move signals a significant shift in the team’s roster dynamics, and it’s likely to leave fans and players alike with mixed emotions. The Cowboys have been synonymous with Ezekiel Elliott since they selected him with the No. 4 overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft.

Throughout his career with the Cowboys, Elliott has been nothing short of exceptional. Three Pro Bowls, an All-Pro nod, and the 2016 PFWA Rookie of the Year award are just some of the accolades he has earned during his time in Dallas. His powerful running style and ability to find the end zone have made him a force to be reckoned with on the field.

However, the decision to release Elliott is not without its reasons. With a $16.7 million cap hit for 2023, the financial burden has played a role in this tough call. As the team looks to shape its roster and make strategic moves in the upcoming season, they must consider salary cap space.

To mitigate the financial impact, the Cowboys are expected to designate Elliott as a Post-June 1 cut. This move would save them a substantial $10.9 million in salary cap space, providing some much-needed flexibility as they pursue other players to strengthen the team.

With Ezekiel Elliott’s departure, the spotlight now turns to Tony Pollard, the talented running back who has shown great promise in his role as Elliott’s backup. Earlier this offseason, the Cowboys placed the franchise tag on Pollard, signaling their confidence in his ability to step into the lead back position. Now, he has an opportunity to shine and carry the legacy of the Cowboys’ ground game forward.

While this decision marks the end of an era in Dallas, it also opens the door for new possibilities and fresh talent to emerge. Change is an inevitable part of the NFL landscape, and the Cowboys are ready to embrace it. As the team navigates this transition, fans will eagerly anticipate the upcoming season and how the roster changes will shape their beloved team.

In conclusion, the Cowboys’ decision to release Ezekiel Elliott is a significant move that reflects the complexities of team management in the NFL. While fans bid farewell to a beloved player, they remain hopeful for what the future holds. As the team sets its sights on a new season, the spirit of competition and the pursuit of excellence will undoubtedly guide their choices moving forward.

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