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From Sydney to Brighton: Mackenzie Hawkesby Soars to New Heights as a Seagull

Mackenzie Hawkesby lifting the A-League Women's Championship trophy
Mackenzie Hawkesby poses with the A-League Women’s Player of the Year Award

Sydney FC’s star midfielder, Mackenzie Hawkesby, has made a monumental leap in her career, leaving the Sky Blues nest behind to embrace a thrilling new chapter as a ‘Seagull.’ The three-time Premiership winner has now officially signed with the prestigious Women’s Super League club, Brighton & Hove Albion, following a successful transfer agreement between the two clubs.

Throughout the past four seasons, Mackenzie Hawkesby has been an integral part of Sydney FC’s unparalleled success, shining brightly in each of the last four Grand Finals and claiming three Premiers Plates along the way. Her contribution to the team’s triumph in the A-League Women’s Grand Final at CommBank Stadium was nothing short of exceptional, leading the celebrations with her teammates while hoisting the Championship trophy with pride.

In the wake of her transfer to Europe, the 23-year-old midfielder expressed her gratitude for the platform Sydney FC provided, allowing her to take her talents to one of the world’s most prestigious leagues. Overflowing with joy, Mackenzie stated, “It’s a wonderful opportunity for me and a dream come true to be heading to one of the world’s top leagues. I couldn’t have achieved this without the success and ability to develop at Sydney FC.”

Unwavering support from Sydney FC’s Head Coach, Ante Juric, has been a driving force behind Mackenzie’s success. Juric showered her with praise, highlighting her unwavering determination to excel and her undeniable talent. Having witnessed her growth from a promising young talent to an extraordinary player, Juric is confident that Mackenzie Hawkesby will undoubtedly thrive in England. “I have no doubt Mackenzie will be a success in England; she has the personality, the desire, and the talent to achieve great things,” stated Juric.

Mackenzie’s journey to the Women’s Super League reflects the culmination of hard work, dedication, and the unyielding support of her teammates and coaches. Her time at Sydney FC has been filled with moments of triumph and camaraderie, as she played alongside an incredible squad of teammates who became friends for life. These cherished memories are sure to stay with her forever, and she expressed her profound gratitude for the faith and support shown by Ante Juric and the entire club.

With her sights set on conquering new horizons, Mackenzie Hawkesby now embarks on an exciting adventure at Brighton & Hove Albion. As she spreads her wings and takes flight as a ‘Seagull,’ she leaves an indelible mark on Sydney FC, etching her name in their history as one of their most treasured talents.

The footballing world eagerly anticipates the impact she will make in England’s Women’s Super League, and fans from both sides of the globe will be watching with bated breath as Mackenzie soars to new heights. As she waves goodbye to her beloved Sydney FC, she carries with her the love, admiration, and best wishes of fans, teammates, and coaches alike.

Indeed, Mackenzie Hawkesby’s remarkable journey from Sydney to Brighton symbolizes the unwavering spirit of an athlete determined to carve her path to success. Her story inspires aspiring footballers worldwide, proving that with talent, determination, and unwavering support, dreams can indeed take flight, reaching heights previously thought impossible. As Mackenzie embraces her new adventure, we can’t help but wonder what new heights she will reach as she graces the hallowed turf of the Women’s Super League

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