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Falcons Almost Made Blockbuster Trade with Cardinals for QB Kyler Murray

Falcons Almost Made Blockbuster Trade with Cardinals for QB Kyler Murray

In a surprising turn of events ahead of the NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons made a daring move to secure not one but two talented quarterbacks for the 2023 season. Among their targets was the Arizona Cardinals’ star quarterback Kyler Murray. However, despite intense negotiations and behind-the-scenes drama, the blockbuster trade failed to materialize, leaving fans wondering what could have been.

The news broke when Action Network’s Simon Hunter revealed the Falcons’ ambitious plans on his widely-followed podcast, The Favorites. According to Hunter, Atlanta’s management was dead set on acquiring Kyler Murray and Ryan Tannehill to fortify their quarterback lineup. Discussions with the Tennessee Titans to bring Tannehill on board were already underway, as the Falcons eyed the eighth overall pick in the draft to make it happen.

The Titans appeared willing to part ways with Tannehill and move up to the coveted eighth spot in the draft. However, the talks eventually hit a financial roadblock, leading both teams to abandon the idea. This was a significant setback for the Falcons, who were keen on bolstering their roster with experienced and dynamic quarterback talent.

The twist in the story came when the Cardinals entered the picture. They were also interested in a potential deal involving their quarterback, Kyler Murray. A tantalizing offer was on the table: Murray in exchange for draft picks and financial considerations from Atlanta. The prospect of Murray joining the Falcons was thrilling, but just like the Tannehill trade, the financial aspect proved insurmountable.

Behind closed doors, both teams tried to work out a deal that would have reshaped their futures significantly. Unfortunately, despite earnest efforts, the complexity of the financial arrangements prevented the trade from coming to fruition. The potential move had Falcons fans buzzing with excitement about the prospects of having a talent like Murray leading their team. On the flip side, Cardinals fans were left to wonder about the grand plans their team may have had for the third overall pick.

Ultimately, the Cardinals made a different move during the draft, trading their third overall pick to the Houston Texans. Meanwhile, the Falcons had to adjust their strategy and opted to secure running back Bijan Robinson with their eighth pick.

The near-miss trade has undoubtedly left a mark on both franchises and their fans. It raises questions about the Falcons’ long-term quarterback plans and the Cardinals’ intentions with their high draft pick. While fans may indulge in “what if” scenarios, the reality is that the intricacies of the NFL’s financial landscape can make or break even the most ambitious deals.

As the 2023-24 NFL season approaches, both teams will move forward with their current rosters, with Kyler Murray remaining at the helm of the Arizona Cardinals and the Atlanta Falcons placing their faith in their existing quarterback lineup. While the blockbuster trade didn’t materialize this time, football enthusiasts can’t help but speculate about the potential fireworks that such a move could have ignited on the field.

For now, all eyes are on the upcoming season, where fans eagerly await the thrilling performances of their favorite teams, while the memory of the near-trade serves as a tantalizing reminder of the unpredictable nature of the NFL.


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