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Dolphins’ QB Tua Tagovailoa Reveals Contemplation of NFL Retirement After Concussions

Dolphins' QB Tua Tagovailoa Reveals Contemplation of NFL Retirement After Concussions

Miami Dolphins’ quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, revealed in a candid admission that he contemplated retiring from the NFL after experiencing multiple concussions during the intense 2022 season. The fourth-year quarterback disclosed that the injuries had left him seriously considering whether continuing to play was the right decision for his future in the sport. However, after much contemplation, he ultimately resolved that he is determined to compete for a long time to come.

Tagovailoa’s troubles began during Miami’s Week 4 match against the Cincinnati Bengals when he suffered his first documented concussion. The impact of the injury was severe enough to keep him sidelined for the following two games, leaving the Dolphins without their star quarterback’s guidance on the field.

Unfortunately, his ordeal did not end there. In Week 16, after the team’s clash with the Green Bay Packers, Tagovailoa was diagnosed with another concussion, plunging his playing career into uncertainty once again. The NFL’s strict concussion protocol was followed to ensure his safe return to the game, but it took nearly a month before he was given the green light to play again.

Adding to the concern surrounding Tagovailoa’s well-being, there were suspicions that he might have experienced a third concussion during the Week 3 match against the Buffalo Bills. In the fourth quarter, he appeared disoriented after taking a hit and struggled to get back on his feet. However, a thorough investigation jointly conducted by the NFL and NFL Players Association cleared the Dolphins of any violation of the concussion protocols. Despite the outcome, the incident raised serious questions about the young quarterback’s long-term health and safety in a high-impact sport like football.

In response to these challenges, the 25-year-old athlete took proactive measures to safeguard his future in the game. In February, Tagovailoa decided to take judo lessons, hoping to learn techniques that would minimize the impact on his head during falls. Furthermore, during the offseason, he also engaged in jiu-jitsu training, which provided him with invaluable skills to protect himself from injuries on the field.

Speaking about his training and preparation, Tagovailoa stated, “Obviously, I’ve learned how to fall and picked up some grappling techniques. I’ve also acquired some other techniques that I prefer not to disclose at this point. But, for the most part, I’ve learned how to fall properly. It might seem simple, but there’s a lot more to it than just avoiding head impacts.”

His commitment to improving his resilience and minimizing risks demonstrates Tagovailoa’s determination to stay on the field and excel in his role as the leader of the Miami Dolphins. While the threat of concussions remains an ongoing concern in the NFL, the young quarterback’s willingness to adapt and learn indicates a proactive approach to ensure his long-term success in the sport.

As the upcoming season approaches, fans and analysts will be closely watching Tagovailoa’s performance, hoping to witness the continued growth of this talented quarterback. With his focus on longevity and dedication to his team, there’s no doubt that Tua Tagovailoa will be a force to be reckoned with in the NFL for years to come.


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