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Packers and Jets Deadlocked in Aaron Rodgers Trade Talks, Woody Johnson Holds Firm on 1st Round Pick

Packers and Jets Deadlocked in Aaron Rodgers Trade Talks, Woody Johnson Holds Firm on 1st Round Pick

The much-discussed potential deal bringing Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets seems to be at a standstill, despite both parties expressing their interest in making it happen. The Green Bay Packers are determined to part ways with their veteran quarterback, while Rodgers has made it clear that he wishes to be traded to the Jets. However, finding a mutually agreeable deal has proven to be a challenging task for the two franchises.

While Rodgers may be 39 years old, he is coming off an MVP season, making him a highly sought-after talent in the league. The Packers have set their sights on securing a first-round pick in exchange for their star QB. Considering Rodgers’ recent performance, this demand doesn’t seem unreasonable. On the other hand, the Jets are steadfastly refusing to include a first-round pick in the trade, causing the negotiations to hit a roadblock.

During an interview on the “Wilde and Tausch” show, an insider revealed that Green Bay is holding firm on their asking price: a second-round pick in 2023 and a straight-shot first-rounder in 2024. The Packers are even willing to sweeten the deal further by offering a 2025 draft asset if Rodgers doesn’t play in the 2024 season. The inclusion of a “straight-shot one” means that the pick will be a first-rounder, regardless of any conditions.

In the initial stages of the negotiations, the Jets were adamant about seeking compensation if Rodgers decided to leave after just one season with the team. This stance did not sit well with the Packers at the time. However, it seems there has been some slight progress, as the Packers are now willing to consider giving the Jets a 2025 draft pick if Rodgers does not play in the 2024 season.

The proposed framework of the deal stands as follows: the Jets would acquire Aaron Rodgers and a 2025 conditional pick, which they would only receive if Rodgers retired after a single season in New York. In return, the Packers would receive a second-round pick in 2023 and a first-round pick in 2024.

The major sticking point that hampers progress in the negotiations is the Packers’ insistence on obtaining a first-round pick in the deal. Woody Johnson, the Jets’ owner, has taken a firm stance against including a first-rounder, causing the talks to reach an impasse.

“The Jets, and Woody Johnson specifically, they’re just not going to do it, and that’s why this is sort of sitting where it is,” revealed an insider familiar with the situation.

Surprisingly, the Packers are not seeking the Jets’ first-round pick in the current year (2023), as it was clear from the outset that the Jets were unwilling to part with their 13th overall pick. Instead, the Packers are looking to secure New York’s first-round pick in the 2024 draft.

While the negotiations continue, the Jets have been active in their offseason moves. They managed to sign Alan Lazard, a player who was on Rodgers’ “wish list.” However, they missed out on acquiring Odell Beckham Jr., who recently inked a deal with the Baltimore Ravens.

As the stalemate between the Packers and Jets persists, NFL fans eagerly await further developments in what could be a blockbuster trade bringing Aaron Rodgers to New York. Both teams have their interests to protect, making the negotiations a delicate balancing act. Until an agreement is reached, Rodgers’ future remains uncertain, and the Jets’ quest for a franchise quarterback lingers on.


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