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Antonio Brown Takes a Bold Approach, Seeking Permission from Lena The Plug’s Husband

Antonio Brown Takes a Bold Approach, Seeking Permission from Lena The Plug's Husband

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown took to Twitter on Wednesday to claim that he wants to have sex with porn star Lena the Plug, asking her husband ‘Adam22’ for permission.

In case you’re unfamiliar with everything that has been going on, Lena recently filmed a scene with pornstar Jason Luv. it was the first time she worked with another man since she and ‘Adam22’ became official.

With A.B. seeing Lena back in the business, he decided to shoot his shot:Brown tweeted, ‘Lemme get next @Adam22’The tweet got a response from Lena herself, telling A.B. that she has a husband, with Brown responding that her marriage didn’t stop her from doing a scene with another man:Adam also responded to the former star receiver, insulting Brown’s manhood, “What are you gonna do with it with your little a– meat.”

Brown responded by reminding Adam that it’s a “game of inches. You must not have checked the snap.”Adam then responded by posting a screenshot from a DM from someone dropped some details on Antonio Brown:Adam, 39, who hosts the podcast titled No Jumper, and his wife Lena, 32, have been a topic of discussion in recent weeks after Adam insisted that Lena’s scene was “amazing” for business.

Rather than give his opinion on the whole matter, Antonio Brown decided to shoot his shot and so far the shot seems to have been blocked by both Lena and her husband.


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