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Isaia Glass Ready to Lead ASU’s O-Line in Dillingham Offense

Isaia Glass on the field, ready to lead ASU's offensive line
Isaia Glass is determined to lead ASU’s newcomers in the Dillingham Offense.

Queen Creek High School graduate, Isaia Glass, is set to embark on his third season with the Arizona State University (ASU) football team. With the 2022 season showing promise, Glass is well aware that expectations are high as he prepares to lead the newcomers on the field under the Dillingham Offense.

Standing tall at 6-foot-5 and weighing 295 pounds, Glass follows in the footsteps of his father, Paul Glass, who had an illustrious stint as a defensive lineman at Arizona State from 2000-01. It’s evident that football runs in the Glass family, and Isaia is determined to uphold the legacy.

Reflecting on the previous season’s performance, the disappointment of the 3-9 record weighs heavily on Glass’s shoulders. Addressing the team’s struggles, Glass remarks, “I think the biggest chip on my shoulder personally is going 3-9 last year. And then everyone that was here last year, … we all share that same thing.”

To improve his own game, Glass has set his sights on understanding the nuances of the defense. He is eager to grasp the complexities of different blitzes, formations, and defensive strategies. With a keen focus on defensive side comprehension, Glass aims to anticipate opponents’ moves, allowing him to make informed decisions on the field.

With the arrival of over 50 newcomers, adjusting to the team dynamics could have been challenging. However, Glass is thrilled with the new additions, describing them as a cohesive group of driven individuals. He states, “I think we’ve brought a really good group of guys in that aren’t a bunch of knuckleheads. I feel like (they’re) guys that you really don’t have to worry about, guys you don’t have to drag along. Really just handle their business.”

As a cornerstone of the team, Glass recognizes the vital role the offensive line plays in the success of the Dillingham Offense. He emphasizes the significance of the offensive line, stating, “It will be very important, very crucial. I think for any offense, the o-line is I feel like kind of the heart of the offense and if the o-line’s rolling, I feel like the offense will roll too.”

For Glass, it’s clear that when the offensive line performs well, it opens up opportunities for the running backs to find the gaps and make successful plays. Likewise, a strong offensive line gives the quarterback ample time to connect with the numerous receivers and execute game-changing plays.

Glass exudes confidence in his unit’s abilities and believes that success hinges on their execution. He concludes, “If we do our job, which I believe we can, then everything will fall into place 100%.”

As ASU readies itself for the new season, all eyes are on Isaia Glass, the leader on the offensive line, and his contributions to the Dillingham Offense. With determination and teamwork, Glass and his fellow Sun Devils are gearing up for an exhilarating season ahead.

Isaia Glass is a force to be reckoned with on ASU’s offensive line, and he is ready to propel the team to victory in the upcoming Dillingham Offense. With an unwavering determination to understand the defense and a strong bond among the newcomers, Glass is poised to lead the charge. The success of the offense relies heavily on the unit’s performance, and Glass is confident that they will rise to the occasion. As the anticipation builds for the new season, Sun Devils fans eagerly await the spectacle that Isaia Glass and the team are set to deliver on the gridiron.


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