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ASU Welcomes Idaho State Kicker Ian Hershey with Three Years of Eligibility

Ian Hershey transferring to Arizona State
Former Idaho State kicker Ian Hershey joins ASU

Arizona State University (ASU) is gearing up for an exciting addition to their football roster as they welcome former Idaho State kicker and punter, Ian Hershey. Hershey took to social media to announce his decision to transfer, bringing three years of eligibility to the Sun Devils.

During his freshman year with the Idaho State Bengals, Hershey showcased his kicking prowess, making an impressive 7-of-11 field goals and maintaining a 38.7-yard average while punting the ball 56 times. This exceptional performance caught the attention of ASU’s coaching staff, leading to his recruitment.

One of the driving factors behind Hershey’s decision to join ASU was the opportunity to reunite with former Idaho State head coach, Charlie Ragle. Ragle recently joined the Sun Devils’ coaching staff as the assistant head coach and special teams coordinator, making the reunion all the more exciting for Hershey.

Notably, Hershey’s football journey started in his home state of Idaho, where he played for Highland High School in Pocatello. During his three seasons on the varsity team, Hershey displayed remarkable accuracy, successfully converting 122-of-128 PATs and 39-of-52 field goals, including a long 58-yard kick in his senior year, according to MaxPreps.

The competition for the kicking position at ASU is intense, with Cal sixth-year transfer, Dario Longhetto, impressing everyone during the spring with his outstanding kicking ability. Hershey will undoubtedly face stiff competition from Longhetto and may even have to spend a year redshirted and learning from the sidelines before earning the starting spot.

As for the punting duties, ASU has the experienced Josh Carlson, a graduate, and Race Mahlum, a talented junior, on their roster. The combination of Carlson’s experience and Mahlum’s potential adds depth to the Sun Devils’ special teams unit.

The upcoming season promises excitement and anticipation as fans eagerly watch Hershey’s journey at ASU. Will he overcome the competition, secure the starting spot, and make a name for himself as one of the Sun Devils’ key players? Only time will reveal the answer, but one thing is certain – Hershey’s arrival adds a valuable asset to Arizona State University’s football program.

The addition of Ian Hershey to ASU’s football roster brings promise and excitement to the team. With three years of eligibility, Hershey’s kicking skills and punting abilities will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the Sun Devils’ performance. His reunion with former coach Charlie Ragle adds a nostalgic touch to his journey.

However, the road to the starting spot won’t be easy, as he faces tough competition from experienced players like Dario Longhetto. ASU’s special teams are well-stocked with talent, and Hershey’s presence only strengthens the team’s prospects. Fans eagerly await the upcoming season to witness Hershey’s prowess on the field and see how his story unfolds at Arizona State University. Go Sun Devils!

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