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Pac-12 Future Hangs in the Balance: Big Decisions Loom in Upcoming Meetings

Exciting Pac-12 Conference Meeting with Big Decisions Ahead
The future of the Pac-12 is under scrutiny in upcoming meetings

Tomorrow marks a pivotal day for the Pac-12, as crucial meetings have been scheduled to determine the future of the conference. In a long-awaited development, TV media rights numbers will finally be presented, setting the stage for potential transformative changes. Furthermore, the Arizona Board of Regents has surprisingly called for an unscheduled meeting, adding to the intrigue surrounding the conference’s destiny.

First reported by 247 Sports Wildcat Authority’s Jason Scheer, the Arizona Board of Regents’ meeting appears to be unrelated to realignment, at least for now. However, circumstances may evolve, leaving room for speculation and uncertainty.

Regarding the Pac-12 meeting, it represents the first time that comprehensive numbers will be unveiled since the conference initiated negotiations for a new media rights deal back on July 5, 2022. This deal becomes increasingly relevant as the current agreement is set to conclude in 2024.

Last week, the Buffaloes’ decision to leave the conference stirred conversations about the future of the Pac-12. They sought the stability offered by the Big 12, which boasts a media rights deal locked in until 2031. Such moves inevitably prompt questions about what these upcoming meetings might hold.

Among the teams under the spotlight is Arizona, rumored to be a potential target for the Big 12. Some within the university have expressed skepticism about the numbers, raising doubts about whether the presented deal could surpass the Big 12’s lucrative offer.

On the other hand, Arizona State has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the Pac-12 throughout the negotiation process. Yet, the recent departure of Colorado may have influenced their stance. While President Michael Crow and AD Ray Anderson have been staunch supporters of the conference, the evolving landscape could alter their perspectives.

The Big 12’s prime targets for poaching reportedly include Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah. The question of whether Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff can present a compelling deal, capable of reaffirming most schools’ commitment to the conference, looms large. A resounding “yes” is possible, but the entire Pac-12 must be on board for ASU to maintain their loyalty.

Should Arizona opt to join the Big 12, it would be puzzling for ASU not to follow suit. Speculations arise, suggesting that simultaneous departures of Arizona, ASU, and Utah might be on the horizon.

As the anticipation builds, so do the unanswered questions. The upcoming meetings are a welcome step towards shedding light on the conference’s future. However, the most significant question of all remains unanswered: What lies ahead for the Pac-12? Only time will reveal the answers to these pressing inquiries, and the college sports community eagerly awaits the outcome of these pivotal discussions.

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