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ASU Coach and TE React to Colorado’s Big 12 Leap

ASU Coach and TE Discuss Colorado's Big 12 Move
Coach Kenny Dillingham and TE Jalin Conyers share their thoughts on Colorado’s transition to the Big 12

After an intense day of fall camp, Coach Kenny Dillingham and star tight end Jalin Conyers of the Arizona State University football team took a moment to share their views on last week’s headline-making announcement – the Colorado Buffaloes’ shift from the Pac-12 to the Big 12.

Coach Dillingham, with palpable enthusiasm, responded, “Oh yeah, cool. I mean, we’re playing Southern Utah, Week 1. I’m fired up. And that’s literally all I’ve cared about. We’re gonna be the best versions of us every single day, in whatever we do all the time. And we’re gonna get better and better and better and better and better. And whoever plays us, hopefully, we get better and better and better, and we’re more competitive, more competitive, more competitive.”

His energy and determination are evident as he emphasizes the team’s relentless pursuit of improvement and competitiveness. This spirited approach indicates the Sun Devils’ readiness to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

Jalin Conyers echoed a similar sentiment, expressing his dedication to the sport, saying, “I mean, for me, I’m just here to play football. I mean, I understand the conference, stuff like that … Whoever the higher-ups are gonna put us in a position to be obviously good. The ASU program, whether we’re in the Big 12, (Pac-12), Big 10, whatever the conference we may be in, we’re gonna be successful. I mean, this is a beautiful place to be, it’s a great campus. Obviously, people should want to come here.

If you don’t believe in it, go look at the recruiting Coach Dilly’s brought in the last what five months? Like, I mean, it’s ridiculous. So I think either way, obviously, I’m gonna be in the Pac for sure this year. I don’t know about next year and all that stuff. But, we’re gonna go out and we’re gonna try to win the championship. That’s our goal.”

Conyers exudes confidence in the program, affirming that ASU’s success transcends conference affiliations. He credits Coach Dilly’s remarkable recruiting efforts as evidence of the team’s potential to thrive in any conference they find themselves in. Undoubtedly, this unity and belief in their abilities fuel their pursuit of the coveted championship title.

Colorado’s decision to shift to the Big 12 stems from their belief in the stability offered by the conference. The Big 12 has secured a media rights deal extending through 2031, providing assurance for their future. On the other hand, the Pac-12 has been embroiled in prolonged negotiations, struggling to secure a media rights deal for over a year without any success.

According to 247 Sports’ Jason Scheer, the Pac-12 will convene a meeting tomorrow to finally present the media rights’ numbers for the first time. This crucial information may determine whether schools like Arizona State University will continue their affiliation with the Pac-12 or explore alternative options.

Will the numbers presented at the meeting influence the Sun Devils’ future conference alignment? The answer awaits us tomorrow.

Coach Dillingham and Jalin Conyers’ comments showcase their unwavering dedication and optimism, instilling confidence in ASU’s bright future. As the college football landscape evolves, the anticipation builds for the day when Arizona State’s destiny will be determined. Until then, they remain focused on their goal – a triumphant championship victory.


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