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French Sensation Celine Boutier Dominates Evian Championship

Celine Boutier holding the Evian Championship trophy
Celine Boutier celebrating her historic victory at the Evian Championship

The picturesque Evian Resort Golf Club in France witnessed history as Celine Boutier triumphed in the Evian Championship, securing her first-ever major title in the sport. The French golfer’s spectacular performance left spectators in awe and competitors trailing in her wake.

Having held a three-shot lead going into the final round, Boutier displayed unwavering focus and composure. Despite challenging conditions, she showcased her mettle and shot an impressive 68 to finish the tournament at a remarkable 14 under par.

Reflecting on her stunning win, the 29-year-old Boutier shared her insights, “It was definitely not easy, and the conditions were tough, so I just tried to stay focused on each hole at a time. I feel like I handled the first few holes very well, and this victory means the world to me.”

Boutier’s exceptional start, featuring three birdies in the opening five holes, set the tone for her commanding performance. Her passion for golf and her dreams of winning a major championship came to fruition at the prestigious Evian Championship, marking a pivotal moment in her career.

“I had a good opportunity on hole one, and the putt on two was a bonus,” said Boutier with a beaming smile. “This tournament has been very special to me, and to hold this trophy is unbelievable. You can always play better, but I feel like I was very steady on all four rounds in tough conditions, and I’m happy with my game and my level this week. Nothing else matters now I have this trophy, so I’m really good for the rest of the year.”

Though the Frenchwoman maintained her poise throughout the front nine, a bogey on the 13th hole briefly threatened her lead. Nonetheless, Boutier quickly rebounded with an astonishing birdie on the long 15th, extending her advantage and diminishing any hopes of her rivals catching up.

Nasa Hataoka from Japan, who was in second place overnight, struggled to keep pace with Boutier’s brilliance and eventually finished joint third on seven under par.

In sealing her historic victory, Celine Boutier joins a prestigious list of French women who have conquered major championships. The likes of Catherine Lacoste and Patricia Meunier Lebouc made their mark in the golfing world before her, and now Boutier proudly adds her name to that list.

The success at the Evian Championship further cements Boutier’s position as the most decorated French woman on the LPGA Tour. Her previous triumphs include victories in the Drive On Championship earlier this year and the 2021 French Open, earning her a loyal fan base and admiration from golf enthusiasts around the globe.

As the cheering crowd celebrated the end of an enthralling tournament, Scotland’s Gemma Dryburgh also enjoyed a solid finish, securing eighth place on the leaderboard with an impressive six-under total.

The Evian Championship will be etched forever in golfing history as the stage for Celine Boutier’s triumph. Her remarkable performance, combined with her unwavering determination, has elevated her to a new echelon of excellence in the world of golf, and fans worldwide eagerly anticipate witnessing her future endeavors on the course.

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