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Phoenix Aims to Host NBA and WNBA All-Star Games in Future

A view of the modern basketball arena in Phoenix
The state-of-the-art Phoenix basketball arena, a potential host for the NBA and WNBA All-Star Games

Phoenix, known for its rich sports legacy, is gearing up for an exciting venture as Suns and Mercury owner Mat Ishbia joins hands with city authorities to present a compelling bid for hosting both the NBA and WNBA All-Star Games in the near future. With collective efforts involving the Governor’s office, the mayor’s office, and various stakeholders in the Phoenix region, the objective is to create an enticing presentation that will persuade the leagues to grant the city the privilege of hosting an extravagant All-Star Weekend.

Mat Ishbia, in his quest to further elevate the stature of the city’s sports scene, shared his enthusiasm for the ambitious endeavor, stating, “We’re thrilled to collaborate with the vibrant city of Phoenix to engage with the NBA and WNBA, with the aspiration of bringing both All-Star games to the Valley. Phoenix boasts a world-class basketball heritage, making it an ideal destination to unite players and fans in celebrating the essence of the sport. The Phoenix Suns and Mercury are committed to forging innovative partnerships with the city to effect meaningful change within our community.”

The illustrious history of Phoenix as a host city for major sports events lends credence to the notion that the city is well-equipped to deliver a spectacular All-Star experience. Having already hosted the NBA All-Star Game on three occasions, in 1975, 1995, and 2009, as well as the WNBA All-Star Game twice, in 2000 and 2014, Phoenix has demonstrated its ability to successfully stage such grand events.

The resonance of Phoenix’s sporting prowess is not lost on the passionate basketball community. The city’s recent achievements, including its hosting of a Super Bowl, a World Baseball Classic, and its upcoming role as the venue for the 2024 Final Four, underscore its capacity to orchestrate world-class sporting spectacles. This backdrop of excellence augurs well for Mat Ishbia and his dedicated team, heightening their prospects of securing the coveted hosting rights.

In a statement resonating with optimism, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego articulated the city’s commitment to propelling Phoenix into a new era of sporting distinction. “We’re charting a new trajectory in Phoenix, and the sports fraternity is taking notice,” declared Mayor Gallego. “From the cutting-edge marvel that is the Footprint Center to our sustainable and innovative transportation alternatives, such as the light rail and Waymo driverless taxis, Phoenix boasts an array of resources necessary for executing a triumphant major event like the WNBA and NBA All-Star Games. I am wholeheartedly endorsing our bids to be designated as host cities and eagerly anticipate the positive feedback from the WNBA and NBA.”

The dynamic sports landscape of Phoenix, a city renowned for its unwavering passion for athletics, lays the foundation for a promising legacy. The potential prospects ahead for Mat Ishbia and his aspirational endeavors reflect the evolving tapestry of Phoenix’s sporting ambitions.

With an ingrained sporting culture and an array of resources at its disposal, Phoenix positions itself as a prime contender to offer an unparalleled hosting experience for the NBA and WNBA All-Star Games. As the city collectively rallies behind this audacious bid, the future holds the promise of a spectacular showcase of basketball’s best and brightest talents, set against the backdrop of the vibrant metropolis that is Phoenix.

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