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Arizona State’s Starting Point Guard Frankie Collins Opts to Remain with Sun Devils

Frankie Collins, Arizona State starting point guard
Frankie Collins leads the Sun Devils on the court

In a significant twist for the Arizona State basketball program, starting point guard Frankie Collins has officially announced his decision to withdraw from the highly anticipated 2023 NBA Draft. This move marks a pivotal moment for Collins, who has opted to remain a pivotal force within the ranks of the Sun Devils for the upcoming season, as confirmed through his recent social media post.

Collins, a dynamic player who transferred from Michigan to Arizona State just last season, demonstrated his commitment and prowess on the court. He was quick to deliver on his promise to help guide the Sun Devils to success, and that mission continues.

The 6-foot-1, 185-pound guard showcased his multifaceted skills, averaging an impressive 4.3 assists per game and contributing 9.7 points with a 40.1% shooting accuracy. Additionally, he played an integral role in rebounding and defense, capturing 4.1 rebounds and 1.3 steals on average.

News of Collins’ decision was coupled with another noteworthy announcement—his intention to switch his jersey number from 10 to one. The significance of the number one jersey resonates deeply within the Sun Devils’ basketball legacy. Notably worn by past luminaries such as Remy Martin, a former ASU star guard and eventual national champion at Kansas, this jersey carries a legacy of excellence.

With the departure of key players such as DJ Horne, Desmond Cambridge Jr., Devan Cambridge, and Warren Washington, Collins stands out as the sole returning starter for the Sun Devils. His impact, both on and off the court, is palpable and underscores his emergence as a leader within the team.

As he embarks on his junior year, Collins’ leadership acumen is set to shine even brighter. The responsibility of leading a rejuvenated team now rests squarely on his capable shoulders. The challenges are formidable, but Collins’ track record suggests he is more than ready for the task.

The upcoming season promises an intriguing lineup for the Sun Devils. Joining Collins on the court will be Jamiya Neal, a player expected to bolster the team’s performance. The dynamic duo is poised to lead the charge, possibly with the addition of Alonzo Gaffney. The team’s dynamics are further enriched by LSU transfer Adam Miller, who is set to hold the pivotal two-guard position. With a roster boasting multiple players over 6-foot-8, the Sun Devils have an abundance of options for their front court lineup.

It’s worth noting that while Collins’ decision to remain with the Sun Devils is pivotal, he is not the sole player from the team with NBA prospects. Forward Marcus Bagley, who made an early exit from Arizona State in the previous season, also has his sights set on the NBA Draft.

The ripple effect of Collins’ choice is felt beyond the basketball court. Elijhah Badger, a star wide receiver, expressed his delight at the news of Collins’ return, underscoring the sense of camaraderie and shared pride among the Sun Devils.

With Collins’ return, Arizona State is afforded a valuable scholarship slot for the upcoming season. This strategic move opens up intriguing possibilities for the team’s roster composition, setting the stage for an exciting period of adjustments and preparations.

In navigating a landscape of departures and additions, Coach Hurley’s adeptness at reshaping the roster stands out. The transfer portal has proven to be a valuable resource, enabling the acquisition of players who seamlessly align with ASU’s playing style and ethos. This approach has yielded a deep bench—a key ingredient in the Sun Devils’ success last season.

As the new season approaches, optimism is high within the Arizona State basketball community. The transformation of the roster, the strengthening of team dynamics, and the emergence of leaders like Frankie Collins all contribute to an air of anticipation. The Sun Devils are set to embark on a journey that holds the promise of greatness, with Collins at the helm and an ensemble of talent poised to shine.

With Collins’ decision to remain, the Sun Devils have but one slot left to shape their roster. As the countdown to the season’s tip-off begins, fans and enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of the final lineup—a lineup that holds the potential to etch its name in the annals of Arizona State basketball history.

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