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Smith blasts Simmons for ‘dirty play’ as Seahawks beat Giants

Seattle quarterback Geno Smith blasted Isaiah Simmons for a “dirty play” during the Seahawks’ 24-3 win over the New York Giants on Monday Night Football.

Simmons took Smith out round the knees close to the touchline towards the end of the second quarter, forcing the 32-year-old to miss two series while he received medical attention.

Smith returned in the second half but remained unimpressed with Simmons when asked about the incident after the game.

He told ESPN: “A dirty play, dirty play. You guys can see it, it was a dirty play.

“There’s no place in this sport for that and hopefully something happens. The grace of God allowed me to come back into the game, I was happy to be back out there.

“I just don’t respect that type of stuff. There’s no need. It’s a hard-fought game out there, we’re all battling, but there’s no need to take shots at guys running out of bounds on the sideline.”

Simmons, unsurprisingly, took a different view.

He said: “I really don’t have much to say about it. We’re playing football and he’s mad he got hit?

“What do most quarterbacks do when they don’t want to get hit? They go down. I don’t really know what else to tell him about that.

“Nobody is trying to hurt anybody out there. I want everyone to be great, you know what I mean? Nobody is trying to hurt anybody, so I would hate anyone intentionally trying to hurt me.

“None of that was intended. We’re just trying to play hard and win.”

Smith finished 13-of-20 passing for 110 yards and a touchdown as the Seahawks improved to 3-1 heading into their bye week while it amounted to another frustrating night for the Giants, who slipped to 1-3.

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