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Cowboys back to winning ways in Week 6

Cowboys back to winning ways in Week 6

The Dallas Cowboys showed “resilience and fight” as they secured a narrow win over the Los Angeles Chargers.

After a heavy defeat last time out against an unbeaten San Francisco 49ers side, questions were being asked of the whole team, including head coach Mike McCarthy. With all eyes on them, the Cowboys were out to prove the doubters wrong, and they did just that.

After the game, McCarthy said: “[There has been] A lot of talking this week, so they’ve been quiet. They worked hard.

“I just loved their resilience and fight, and we came out on top.

“[It has been a] crazy weekend in the NFL, but we were on the right side of it this week, and you know how fast that can change.”

Quarterback Dak Prescott knew this was an important game for the Cowboys and was determined to help his side get back on track.

He said: “We talked after last week about not allowing this thing to landslide.

“Obviously, I think a win like this allows you to really close that book.

“We haven’t had a close game, but this is what the NFL is about.

“That’s all I said is we’ve got to get used to this. We’ve got to stay confident in this.

“These close games, one-score, field goal games, touchdown games, we’ve got to believe in ourselves, finishing it on our terms with the ball in our hands.”

To make the result that little bit sweeter, the Cowboys won while the teams they were chasing failed to do so. With San Francisco losing to the Cleveland Browns and the Philadelphia Eagles losing to the New York Jets.

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