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Mahomes eyes NFL franchise

Patrick Mahomes hopes his burgeoning portfolio of sporting interests culminates in owning an NFL franchise.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Mahomes was this week named among a group of sports stars that joined an investment group that owns a share of the Alpine Formula One team.

The 28-year-old already has a stake in three Kansas City franchises: the Royals from MLB, Sporting KC in the MLS and the Current from the NWSL.

His ultimate aim is to own an NFL team but admits that won’t be easy.

“Eventually, when I’m done playing,” Mahomes said. “I think Tom [Brady] is trying to do it right now, but that’s definitely where you want to get to.

“I love this sport and want to give back in any way possible. When I’m done playing, obviously I’ll be a Chiefs fan, but at the same time I want to have that competitive edge I’ve always had my entire life.

“I’m always looking around. I can’t do it in the NFL while I’m playing, so I’m always looking around at other sports.

“It’s hard to get in all sports, NBA and all that different type of stuff, but I’m always keeping my ears open. If they give me the opportunity, I’m going to jump at it.”

Mahomes said the invitation to invest in Alpine was one he could not turn down.

“I think everybody can see the appeal,” he added.

“I’ve been able to get to a couple races now. Seeing the environment and watching ‘Drive to Survive’ on Netflix, you see how competitive it is.

“I’m competitive on everything we can get, and so hopefully it can open up to some great opportunities and we’re able to go to some of those races and have a little stake in the game.

“They came to us with the opportunity, I jumped at it. I’m excited for it. It’ll be cool to be able to go to some of the events and hopefully get to some other places. Maybe other than Miami, maybe get to some of the other places around the world.”

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