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San Antonio Spurs stun Phoenix Suns in dramatic late win 115-114

Keldon Johnson

San Antonio Spurs are “young, fighting, and hungry,” as they claimed a late victory against the Phoenix Suns as they fought back to win by one point.

The Suns were leading early in the fourth quarter by 13 points, soon to be reduced to three as rookie Victor Wembanyama’s jump shot went in with 49 seconds to go. Shortly followed by Keldon Johnson stealing the ball to score, Spurs took the lead with just 1.2 seconds remaining.

Speaking after the game, Spurs shooting guard Devin Vassell described the win as “big time” and spoke about the team’s mentality, saying: “It kind of just shows how much we fought the whole game.

“It wasn’t pretty; obviously, we were down 20 at some point, and we’re a young group. 

“But we’re fighting, and we’re hungry.”

The victory ended a nine-game losing streak for the Spurs after coming off a 40-point loss to the LA Clippers.

After trailing by as many as 20 points at one point in the match, forward-guard Johnson received praise from his teammate, too, as he scored a game-high 27 points.

He said: “We weren’t going, and he just got us going. 

“He brought the energy that we needed. KJ, sometimes I feel like he kind of gets lost. People don’t talk about him. 

“I mean, Keldon Johnson, he’s a beast, and he really got us going in the second half.”

Up next, the two sides meet again on Thursday in Phoenix.

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