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Stephen Curry needs help as 38-point haul not enough for out-of-form Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr acknowledged Stephen Curry needs more help from his team-mates after his 38-point haul failed to prevent the team from sliding to a third successive defeat on Sunday.

The Warriors were beaten 116-110 by the Minnesota Timberwolves at Chase Center, suffering their second home loss in as many days.

One day after Curry brought up 22,000 career NBA points in a 118-110 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the two-time NBA MVP finished with 38 points, five rebounds and three assists against Minnesota.

However, his sixth 30-point display of 2023-24 was not enough for the Warriors, who have seen supporting cast members Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins make slow starts to the campaign.

Curry has outscored all other Warriors players by at least five points in all 11 games this season, the longest such streak to begin an NBA campaign since Michael Jordan did so in 11 straight in 1987-88, according to ESPN.

Asked about the Warriors’ failure to support Curry, Kerr said: “No question, we need some scoring and some playmaking elsewhere.”

The Warriors have slumped to 6-5 for the season after starting with five wins from six games, and Curry feels they need to become more adaptable in order to counter different defensive approaches.

“There’s always been a certain approach to guarding us. For years, you knew where attention was going to be,” Curry said. “They usually try to blitz me in a pick-and-roll, stay body-tight on Klay…

“Whatever the case is, we have to make adjustments. We can’t just keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

“It’s not a panic or anything. It’s just a matter of getting a little smarter and a little bit more organised.”

The Warriors have a chance to earn revenge as early as Tuesday, when they face the Timberwolves in the second game of their home double-header, and Curry thinks changes may be in order.

“Everything is on the table for us for adjustments,” Curry added. “When you’ve lost three straight, you have to make adjustments.

“I don’t know if it’s a rotation thing or whatever the case is, but everything is on the table and everyone has to be ready to step in.”

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