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Reich to take back Panthers’ play-calling duties

Frank Reich will take back play-calling duties for the Carolina Panthers after handing them over to offensive coordinator Thomas Brown in October.

Carolina head coach Reich was in charge of calling the plays over the Panthers’ 0-6 start before entrusting Brown with the responsibilities during the Week 7 bye.

Brown’s three games in charge of play calling would produce a total of just 41 points, though, with rookie quarterback and number one overall pick Bryce Young continuing to struggle as the Panthers slipped to 1-8.

Among 33 qualifying quarterbacks, Young ranks 29th in passer rating (75.9) and 25th in completion percentage (62.8%), while fellow rookie CJ Stroud, picked second overall by the Houston Texans, ranks second for passing yards (2,626) with a 15:2 touchdown to interception ratio.

Ahead of Carolina’s Week 11 clash against the Dallas Cowboys and their frightening defense, Reich has reclaimed the play-calling burden, telling reporters: “I’m in the position I’m in because of years of being a successful offensive coordinator and play caller.

“We have eight games left, and I just want to give my attention and everything I can do and everything I can bring to bear to help the offense take the next step.

“It’ll still be collaborative. Thomas is still running the show as far as the offense and all the install meetings and game plans. He’s still at the center. He and I work together like we’ve been all year.

“I trust Thomas more than anybody, and he’s helped me become a better coach and better man. This isn’t about that. This is about the team. This is about us all playing a role we think can help us these next eight games.”

Following their clash with the Cowboys, the Panthers will take on the Tennessee Titans before a three-game run of divisional match-ups against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons.

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