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John Fury urges ‘complacent’ Tyson to focus ahead of Usyk bout

John Fury believes his son Tyson will have to go down a “different road completely” if he wants to beat Oleksandr Usyk next year.

The pair are expected to meet in a heavyweight unification bout in Saudi Arabia in February, two months after the initial date due to Fury sustaining damage in his ‘Battle of the Baddest’ clash with MMA star Francis Ngannou on October 28.

Many observers felt Cameroonian Ngannou won that fight despite no previous boxing experience only for Fury to be handed the win on points after a split decision.

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His dad John was deeply unimpressed, claiming Tyson had a “stupid” gameplan. But he’s confident Tyson will be in better shape when he takes on Ukrainian Usyk.

Fury Snr told the Mail: “I know what you’ve got to do for this one. You’ve got to go down a different road completely.

“Tyson will have the eye of the tiger back for this one, he’ll need to change everything round. He’ll need to do everything different and gain some solid muscle and put some work in – crack his balls working and when he does that, Usyk’s going to have a problem.

“I’m going to say it first. Whoever puts the best camp in and does the work will get it and deserve it. If Usyk puts a better camp in than Tyson, he gets everything right, the better man will win.

“It’s up to both guys what they want out of this. Tyson knows he needs an 180 degree turnaround. If he’s not prepared to do that, good luck to Usyk.”

Fury Snr believes complacency was behind Tyson’s struggles against Ngannou which saw the 35-year-old put on the canvas.

He added: “He’s well experienced, Tyson, but when you’ve got people all around you telling him ‘the man’s never had a boxing match before, he’s never done this and that’, it can build complacency.

“I think that could have had a lot to do with it. I’m not taking anything away from Francis Ngannou. His tactics were bang on, he kept the pressure on. He knew after two rounds the gameplan Tyson had was suiting him.

“They made no adjustments, and that’s how he hit the floor. Get greedy at that weight…you get it wrong for a split second you’re on the deck, no matter who you are.”

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