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Saints’ WR Michael Thomas Randomly Selected for Drug Test Following 530-Pound Deadlift

Saints' WR Michael Thomas Randomly Selected for Drug Test Following 530-Pound Deadlift

In a jaw-dropping display of strength and determination, New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas astounded fans and the NFL alike by deadlifting a staggering 530 pounds while still recuperating from toe surgery. The awe-inspiring feat, captured on video and shared via Instagram, went viral in no time, sparking admiration and raising some eyebrows.

Thomas, who suffered a season-ending foot injury after just three games into the 2022-23 season, underwent surgery in November to address a dislocating joint injury in his right toe. The road to recovery had been long and arduous, but his recent deadlifting showcase suggested he was well on his way to regaining full health.

The NFL itself took note of Thomas’ remarkable display of strength, even promoting the video of his feat on their official channels. However, it seems that the league’s interest didn’t end there. Shortly after the video gained traction, Thomas disclosed that he was ‘randomly’ selected for a drug test by the NFL. He took to social media, sharing the letter he received from the league, which outlined the need for an off-season performance-enhancing substance (PES) urine test the following day.

The letter, purportedly from a representative named Gary, read: “Michael, this is Gary on behalf of the NFL. You have been selected for an off-season PES urine test tomorrow morning. Please contact me ASAP to set up a meeting.” The timing of the drug test raised eyebrows and sparked speculation, as some fans and analysts couldn’t help but wonder if Thomas’ awe-inspiring display had triggered the league’s suspicion.

Thomas, however, responded with a touch of humor, captioning the post with “Feds did a sweep,” playfully calling out the NFL for being overly vigilant. It was evident that the star receiver wasn’t fazed by the scrutiny and remained focused on his journey to recovery and, eventually, back to the gridiron.

Over the past few seasons, Thomas has faced his share of challenges due to injuries, limiting him to just 10 games since 2020. Nonetheless, in 2019, he managed to achieve a remarkable milestone by logging the most receiving yards ever recorded by a wide receiver, totaling an astonishing 1,725 yards. Now, with former Raiders quarterback Derek Carr joining the Saints, Thomas has the chance to reignite his career and forge a formidable connection on the field.

The deadlifting spectacle has not only showcased Thomas’ resilience but has also rekindled hope among Saints fans. The anticipation of seeing him back in action, catching passes from Carr, has grown significantly. It appears that Thomas is determined to make a grand return and silence any doubts about his readiness to excel once more.

As the football world awaits the start of the new season, fans and analysts will undoubtedly keep a close eye on Michael Thomas’ progress. The drug test incident, though raising eyebrows, has not dampened the enthusiasm surrounding the receiver’s imminent return to peak performance.

In the realm of sports, moments of greatness often intertwine with moments of challenge and adversity. Michael Thomas’ deadlifting feat has proven that he is prepared to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger than ever. Now, the NFL will administer the drug test, and Thomas will have the opportunity to focus on his rehabilitation, demonstrating that his strength lies not just in lifting weights but in bouncing back to claim victory on the field.


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