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Arizona State LB James Donkam Ready to Crush It in 2023 Season

James Djonkam in action during a game
James Djonkam is focused on leading Arizona State to victory.

As the 2023 college football season approaches, Arizona State linebacker James Djonkam is carrying a massive weight on his shoulders, and he’s not planning to let it hold him back. After a challenging 3-9 season in 2022, Djonkam and his Sun Devils teammates are determined to prove their doubters wrong and emerge victorious on the gridiron.

Reflecting on his performance last season, Djonkam showcased his tenacity, recording an impressive 15 tackles, including two for a loss, in the 10 games he played. While primarily contributing as a special teams player, Djonkam’s impact was undeniable, with three crucial tackles and even a blocked extra point.

Heading into the 2023 season, Djonkam exudes confidence and a profound belief in his team’s potential. He compared their motivation to more than just a chip on the shoulder – it’s more like a boulder. The Sun Devils are eager to exceed expectations, given that they were projected to win only three to four games last year. But the team’s aspirations far surpass those low estimations; they hold themselves to high standards and intend to showcase their worth in their conference.

Djonkam’s journey to Arizona State took a pivotal turn when he arrived from Independence Community College in Kansas. During his single season there, he stood out with an impressive 64 tackles, 12.5 tackles for loss, and three sacks, proving his capability to dominate on the field.

With an entirely new defensive coaching staff and over 50 new players joining the team, Djonkam embraces the challenge that lies ahead. He eagerly anticipates the camaraderie and chemistry that has developed among the players during the offseason. The Sun Devils are no longer just a team; they have transformed into a tight-knit family, and Djonkam considers his teammates as brothers. He’s thrilled to take the field alongside them, fight for victory, and savour the joyous moments after each game.

As a veteran player, Djonkam embraces his role as a leader and mentor for the younger members of the team. He understands the significance of uplifting and inspiring his teammates, ensuring they all work together cohesively. Djonkam sets ambitious goals for both himself and the team, determined to achieve greatness.

“For me, my personal goal is to become an All-Pac-12 linebacker,” Djonkam asserted confidently. “And as a team, we’re not settling for anything less than winning the conference championship. I have no doubt in our abilities and our commitment to making it happen.”

The 2023 season holds tremendous promise for James Djonkam and the Arizona State Sun Devils. With unwavering determination, a newfound family bond, and an unyielding hunger for victory, they’re set to rise above the challenges and leave an indelible mark on college football.

James Djonkam’s passion and dedication to the game, coupled with the unbreakable bond between him and his teammates, paint an inspiring picture of Arizona State’s pursuit of triumph in the upcoming season. Fans and foes alike are in for an unforgettable spectacle as Djonkam and the Sun Devils set their sights on conquering the Pac-12 and claiming victory on the grand stage of college football.

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