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Cardinals Stir Up Controversy with Deleted Troll Video on Social Media

Cardinals troll video backlash on social media
The Cardinals’ tweet received backlash for mocking QB Russell Wilson

In a surprising turn of events, the Arizona Cardinals’ social media team found themselves in hot water after a dramatic 4th quarter comeback victory against the Broncos in their preseason opener. The team, known for their lively online presence, quickly capitalized on the triumph by attempting a “playful” taunt directed at none other than QB Russell Wilson.

The rising trend of teams using their official social media accounts to engage in light-hearted mocking of their opponents has gained significant traction over recent years. However, with the absence of clear boundaries defining what’s considered acceptable banter, controversies like this one seem to arise every season.

The now-deleted tweet that ignited the firestorm showcased a clever recreation of a viral ‘not real’ airplane video. In this rendition, Broncos’ quarterback Russell Wilson was humorously portrayed doing stretches along the aisle of an airplane. While intended to be a light-hearted jab, the tweet’s reception was far from jovial.

Swift and extensive backlash ensued as fans and players alike voiced their disapproval. Among those expressing their discontent was former Chiefs tackle Mitchell Schwartz, who made it abundantly clear that he was not amused by the Cardinals’ attempt at humour.

This incident once again brings into question the fine line between playful taunting and disrespectful behavior, especially in the digital age where messages spread like wildfire. The Cardinals’ social media team, while aiming to engage the fan base and add a touch of wit to the victory, found themselves caught in the crossfire of differing opinions.

As the NFL landscape continues to evolve, so does the realm of social media interactions. Teams are presented with the challenge of striking a balance between entertaining their supporters and avoiding actions that might escalate into controversies. The Cardinals’ troll video misstep serves as a reminder that even in the spirit of competition, respect should remain a constant.

The Cardinals’ attempt to capitalize on their preseason victory with a playful taunt took an unexpected turn, resulting in a wave of backlash. The incident emphasizes the need for sports teams to tread carefully in the realm of social media, understanding that what may seem like harmless fun to some could be perceived as disrespect by others. The Cardinals’ deleted troll video stands as a cautionary tale in the ongoing saga of sports-related social media controversies.

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