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Former Arizona State Punter Matt Haack Brings Kicking Power to Arizona Cardinals

Matt Haack in Arizona Cardinals uniform, ready to make an impact as a punter
Matt Haack joins the Arizona Cardinals as their latest punting prospect

In a move that’s sure to stir up excitement among football enthusiasts, the Arizona Cardinals have welcomed a fresh face into their fold – none other than the former Arizona State punter, Matt Haack. This dynamic left-footed punter has inked a one-year contract with the Cardinals, marking an intriguing twist in his already impressive NFL journey.

Sharing the limelight with fellow punter Nolan Cooney, Haack now embarks on a journey to potentially fill the shoes of the seasoned punting veteran, Andy Lee. Lee, a formidable force in the punting department for the past six seasons, boasts an impressive average of 47.1 yards per punt, a benchmark that has set the bar high for anyone aiming to take over the reins.

As we delve into Haack’s NFL voyage, it’s clear that he’s no stranger to the intricacies of the game. Over the past six seasons, Haack’s punting prowess has graced the fields of the Dolphins, Bills, and Colts. His leg has sent the football soaring an average of 44.5 yards, with a net average of 39.9 – a testament to his ability to pin opponents deep within their territory. Notably, his most recent stint with the Colts saw him maintain an impressive average of 44.8 yards per punt, with a net of 40.6, demonstrating his consistency and impact on the field.

For Haack, his journey began at Arizona State, where he honed his skills from 2013 to 2016. During his college years, his powerful punts averaged an impressive 43 yards over 209 attempts. Hailing from West Des Moines, Iowa, Haack’s commitment to Arizona State showcased his dedication to the game. His talent was undeniable, leading to his signing with the Dolphins following the 2017 NFL Draft – a move that marked the beginning of his professional career’s ascent.

Now, with his signature adorning the Arizona Cardinals’ roster, Haack finds himself in an exciting position. The challenge of potentially stepping into the shoes of a respected veteran like Lee is undoubtedly motivating. Moreover, his competition with the promising Nolan Cooney adds an extra layer of intrigue to the mix. Cooney, although yet to punt in an NFL game, has shown promise with his signing by the Cardinals in 2022.

In the realm of sports, change is inevitable, and the Arizona Cardinals’ decision to welcome Matt Haack speaks volumes about their commitment to evolving and rejuvenating their special teams. With the stage set and the spotlight shining, all eyes are on Haack as he embarks on this new chapter of his journey – one that could very well redefine the Cardinals’ punting strategy.

In this high-stakes world of professional football, Haack’s story stands as a testament to dedication, adaptability, and the pursuit of excellence. As the Cardinals’ faithful eagerly await the upcoming season, the question lingers: Can Haack rise to the occasion and make his mark in the league? Only time will tell, and the gridiron is primed for another exhilarating chapter in the ongoing saga of the NFL.

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