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Bills Damien Harris has full movement after taken off field in an ambulance

Bills Damien Harris has full movement after taken off field in an ambulance

Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott says running back Damien Harris has full movement in his body after sustaining a terrifying injury in Sunday night’s game against the New York Giants.

Harris was taken off of the field in an ambulance and transported to hospital after rushing the football on third-and-1 from the Buffalo 34-yard-line in the second quarter when he took a hit to the neck area. His teammates surrounded him as he was tended to by medical professionals.

McDermott provided a welcome update on the condition of his running back as soon as he received it.

He said: “It’s my understanding he has full movement. 

“He is seemingly heading in a good direction with the reports we are getting.”

Left tackle Dion Dawkins shared that he had made sure that Harris was breathing before he was forced to step away.

He said: “It’s really an emotional thing, and people be trying to act like we’re unhuman like … that stuff is real.

“Damien’s our brother. He’s our friend, and we know him personally. 

“To see him laying down … he just found out two days ago that he was having a boy. 

“They said that it was a neck injury. Imagine if he can’t hold his son off of one play? That’s scary, man. It’s scary.”

Earlier in the year, Bills safety Damar Hamlin had a scare of his own as he went into cardiac arrest on the field. Watching on from the sidelines as Harris received treatment, he was visibly emotional.

His teammates have described Harris as an upbeat member of the locker room who often talks excitedly about his growing family with his wife.

He is in his first season as a Bill after signing in free agency. He spent his first four years with the New England Patriots and had adjusted perfectly to his new team, having the best offseason of his career.

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