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LeBron reiterates call for stricter gun laws after Vegas shooting

LeBron James says it “makes no sense” that gun laws in the United States haven’t been tightened to prevent mass shootings.

The latest incident yesterday came in Las Vegas, where James and his Los Angeles Lakers team-mates will tonight play against the New Orleans Pelicans in the semi-finals of the inaugural NBA in-season tournament.

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At least three people were killed by a gunman at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas campus and James, who has spoken regularly about the requirement for stricter gun controls in the US, reiterated his belief that more needs to be done.

He told a news conference: “Yeah, my brother from back home texted me and told me to be safe out here because he heard about the shooting at UNLV. First of all, my condolences go to the families that lost loved ones, families and friends and everything.

“It just goes back to what I said before about guns in America. I think it’s such a longer conversation, but we keep dealing with the same story, this same conversation every single time it happens, and it just continues to happen.

“The ability to get a gun, the ability to do these things over and over and over, and there’s been no change is literally ridiculous. It makes no sense that we continue to lose innocent lives, on campuses, schools, at shopping markets and movie theatres and all type of stuff. It’s ridiculous.

“The fact that we haven’t changed anything – it’s actually been easier to be able to own a firearm. It’s stupid.”

There will be a moment of silence before tonight’s games with the other semi-final pitting the Indiana Pacers against the Milwaukee Bucks.

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