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Arizona State Players Eager to Elevate Their Game in Upcoming Fall Camp

ASU football players at fall camp
Arizona State players gearing up for fall camp

With the commencement of fall camp just around the corner, the Arizona State football team finds itself brimming with anticipation and excitement. A wave of fresh talent, comprising over 50 newcomers, is set to join the ranks of the Sun Devils. This infusion of new blood is accompanied by significant changes, as the team embraces a revamped scheme and welcomes a new coaching staff, led by the esteemed head coach Kenny Dillingham.

As the players gear up for the challenging days ahead, we caught up with several key athletes to learn about their personal goals and aspirations for the upcoming fall camp. Here’s what they had to say:

Trenton Bourguet, the seasoned senior quarterback, highlighted the importance of familiarizing himself with the offense. He expressed a desire to effortlessly comprehend Coach Dillingham’s play calls and quickly execute them on the field. Bourguet’s dedication to mastering the intricacies of the new offensive scheme is sure to elevate his performance during the forthcoming season.

Gio Sanders, the accomplished graduate wide receiver, set his sights on enhancing his run-after-catch abilities. While already proficient in making contested catches and gaining crucial first downs, Sanders is keen on maximizing his yards gained after receiving the ball. A few extra yards can be the difference-maker in tight games, and Sanders is determined to be the game-changer for ASU.

Clayton Smith, the sophomore EDGE and Oklahoma transfer, emphasized the significance of consistency during fall camp. Recognizing that consistency is the key to unlocking peak performance, Smith aims to elevate his game to new heights, becoming a formidable force on the field and a vital asset to the Sun Devils.

DeCarlos Brooks, the dynamic junior running back and Cal transfer, acknowledged the importance of a swift grasp of the new offensive system. By eliminating hesitation and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the playbook, Brooks aims to raise his football IQ significantly. His versatility in both running and receiving will undoubtedly prove valuable to the ASU offense.

Ashley Williams, the promising freshman EDGE, expressed a desire to improve his hand usage, recognizing the heightened intensity of the college level compared to high school. As he adapts to the demands of collegiate football, Williams is committed to refining his technique and establishing himself as a formidable presence on the defensive front.

Xavier Guillory, the talented junior wide receiver and Idaho State transfer, is eager to take his football IQ to the next level. While already skilled in the fundamentals, Guillory seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the game’s intricacies, absorbing the wisdom of experienced coaches. His hunger for knowledge and willingness to learn sets him apart as a player with immense potential.

Leif Fautanu, the junior center and UNLV transfer, has set his sights on becoming faster and stronger. Working closely with Coach Joe Connolly, Fautanu is determined to enhance his speed and strength, making him a formidable force in the trenches during the upcoming season.

Chris Edmonds, the seasoned senior safety, aims to lead by example, providing guidance and support to the incoming young players. Embracing his role as a mentor, Edmonds hopes to instill the values and principles that define Arizona State football, fostering a strong team culture.

Aaron Frost, the graduate offensive lineman, is focused on refining his pass blocking and run blocking techniques. Under the guidance of Coach Saga Tuitele, Frost has already made strides in mastering the new pass blocking formation and is determined to further elevate his skills to solidify his position on the offensive line.

James Djonkam, the talented junior linebacker, is committed to honing his mental game. Maintaining composure and focus during high-pressure situations will be key to unleashing his full potential on the field. By staying disciplined and composed, Djonkam aims to elevate his overall game and contribute significantly to ASU’s defense.

Isaia Glass, the junior offensive lineman, seeks to expand his knowledge of defensive strategies and formations. By understanding the defensive side of the game in greater depth, Glass aims to anticipate opponents’ moves and make informed decisions during critical moments on the field.

The stage is set for a transformative fall camp for Arizona State football. With players dedicating themselves to improving specific aspects of their game, the team is poised for an exciting and promising season ahead. As the Sun Devils embrace change and strive for excellence, the entire ASU community eagerly awaits the spectacle of a team on a mission to reach new heights.


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