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Arizona State Sun Devils Camp T Scrimmage: Coach Dillingham Talks Pyne Injury and More

Sun Devils scrimmage at Camp Tontozona
Arizona State football players during scrimmage

The Arizona State Sun Devils Football team concluded their third and final practice at Camp Tontozona this morning with a spirited scrimmage, drawing the attention of a passionate crowd of around two thousand fans. Head coach Kenny Dillingham, sharing his thoughts on the day’s events, highlighted the extraordinary experience his players had in the picturesque setting just east of Payson.

Amidst the energy and excitement, a concerning moment arose as Notre Dame transfer QB Drew Pyne, a contender for the starting position, suffered a hamstring injury during the scrimmage. Dillingham took a moment to discuss Pyne’s unfortunate setback, assuring that Pyne’s spirits remain high despite the minor hamstring tear. The extent of the injury is yet to be determined.

With Pyne sidelined, the spotlight shifted to freshman QB Jaden Rashada, who seized the opportunity to showcase his skills. Rashada stepped up admirably, steering the offensive series with confidence and fluidity. Dillingham, fostering growth and learning, chose to give the second and third string players substantial playing time during the scrimmage, allowing them to gain invaluable live game experience.

Key insights from Coach Dillingham’s reflections include his acknowledgment of today’s practice being a tad sloppy with a fair share of penalties. Nevertheless, he emphasized the importance of such sessions in improving overall gameplay and simulating the conditions of a real live scrimmage. Dillingham spoke of this experience as an essential learning curve for his players, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of what a genuine game entails.

One remarkable highlight of the day was the overwhelming fan support that engulfed the camp. Dillingham expressed his admiration for the unwavering dedication of the fans, remarking that the players not only appreciated the support but also felt a profound connection with the fan base. In a heartwarming gesture, the players learned and passionately sang the fight song, creating a unifying moment between the team and its loyal supporters.

The practice also witnessed the emergence of a cohesive team spirit, evident when players and coaches embraced the opportunity to dive into the river together, fostering camaraderie and unity. Dillingham was deeply moved by the sheer joy and enthusiasm his players experienced during these shared moments, noting that their collective spirit was far beyond his expectations.

Looking forward, Dillingham shared his perspective on the team’s growth trajectory, recognizing that events like Camp Tontozona play an integral role in forging a stronger bond among the players. He acknowledged that building the program to the desired level would require sustained efforts over several years, but he remains committed to nurturing the team’s progress.

The enduring support showcased by passionate fans gives Dillingham confidence that the team’s commitment to revive cherished traditions will be met with unwavering backing, even in challenging times. He expressed optimism, stating, “I think we will [continue the support] because we have a lot of passionate fans who deeply care about the team’s journey to rekindle the glory of past traditions.”

On a slightly different note, it was revealed that freshman DB Montana Warren is expected to be sidelined for 6-8 weeks due to a shoulder injury, underscoring the physical demands and challenges faced by the players.

Reflecting on the scrimmage, Dillingham praised the growth of freshman QB Jaden Rashada throughout the day. He observed a remarkable transformation in Rashada’s gameplay, noting that he progressively grew more comfortable as the scrimmage unfolded. Dillingham reiterated the age-old adage that the only way to master football is by playing it consistently.

In a picturesque setting filled with camaraderie, growth, and spirited enthusiasm, the Arizona State Sun Devils showcased their determination to excel. Coach Dillingham’s insights into player experiences, team unity, and the pursuit of excellence paint a vivid picture of a team poised for a successful journey ahead.

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